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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Bring on the weekend... I think...
Took me LONG time to get going today.. didn't start feeling better till well after lunch.. and paracetamol.

Been doing odds & sods.. Its been a mixed day.. Supposed to be all sorted for the weekend but I will go finish that in a mo.. Done some of it..

Interspersed by odd bits of gardening.. & tea breaks.. I need to be outdoors when its nice weather..

IR filters from South London Filters arrived today.. Seem to work fine.. Will be worth the money once I start printing from the shots I intend to take I think.. Lets hope they pay for themselves.. they were NOT easy to source nor cheap..

Just under the best part of 50 for both!! ouch!!

Right.. better go and put some stuff in a back.. Off to WROUGHTON AIRFIELD for the Swindon International Kite Festival 2005 tomoz..
http://www.whkf.org.uk/FESTindex.html this link.. Good wind & sun please.. :D