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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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A t'internet Rant (Educational.. nothing personal)
OK this is a post to all those who merrily use Windows.. and happily hit FORWARD each time one of their buddies sends them something...

THINK before you enter those email addresses.. What are you doing?

Would you do this with my mobile number? My bank details? Your credit card info?

No.. Didn't think so..

BCC is the way to go if you the list of people you are sending stuff to don't know each other.

To do less than this is more or less as bad as unsolicited email. Also known as SPAM!

IF I was a nasty devious spammer, I could collect all the email addresses therein and use & abuse them..

Windows viruses often do the same thing. This means if you use windows, added a list of email addresses to a forwarded email and hit SEND. You've almost certainly made those people a target for the next Microsoft Wonderbug..

Here's a list of of useful links..

In particular read the ones on company image, viruses, spam, and netiquette.


Check HERE for viruses.

http://www.apple.com/ one of your best bets for avoiding the viruses, spayware, adware etc that affect windows machines..

According to SOPHOS (http://www.sophos.com/) there are 68 known viruses for Mac, and close to 70'000 for the Windows OS.

Think Different.

Have fun out there..