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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Not the greatest day..
SPent most of the day in bed.. so tired.. ache all over.. paracetamol takes the edge off but thats about it..

slept in between going through a host of emotions..

Lonliness, self pity, anger, frustration, love, hate, horniness, bitchiness, self loathing..cynicism... There were some more that I was gonna write but I forgot what they are.. Basically a fucked up day!..

Haven't eaten that much.. tho probably more than I did yesterday. Had cornflakes & a bit of bagel for breakfast.

Soup & toast for lunch

chicken rice sweetcorn & an orange and cheese for supper.

Dad has rung up for DLA forms cos much as I hate it.. yes I think I can say I have serious problems getting about now.. Will also need to do the local one for a blue badge. Again I hate doing this but to be realistic things haven't been right since Christmas really :(

Peckish now.. might eat a bit more before I sleep.. need to inject with EPO before the day is out.. 20'000 units Oyoy!..!!

Typical that its only bye the night I start to feel barely human.. Brought some plants in.. Frost threatens..
Such hard work when you can't catch your breath properly..

What my oncologist will think of my health tomorrow I don't know but we'll see. Maybe that checkup is for the best..


Drove up to Wroughton Airfield.. Went direct.. makes sense but for some reason I had this odd idea we were gonna book in at the Holiday Inn first.

Trying to remember what I flew on Sat, but was SO out of breath walking round airfield.. I didn't really have the energy to fly what I wanted to.

The butterfly went well.. I'll try & get some pics up at somepoint but at the moment I don't have the energy to wrestle with my pesky picture host.

The Rok was more variable & I think I need to learn a few Rok flying tips..

Picked up some stuff from Chalkies.. Some line for the lifter, and some new line for my old Greens of burnley foil..

Some great big lifters & single liners.. LOTS of buggiers & boarders..
I'd have had a good play on the quadliners but just didn't have the energy for it.. :( So bloody annoying.. Its not like they are BIG kites either :(..

Made a semi plan to fly the oneliner on Sun. It didn't quite happen..

Went back to holiday Inn. Turned out there was no supper.. despite the sign that said Supper: 6 - 9 or whatever.

However.. no biggie we drove down the road to Beefeater and had quite a nice meal. I had fish and chips, dad had gammon steak..

Felt pretty ill by the time I got back to the room.. Def too much sun, tho wasn't sure about my chest.. the breathlessness seemed worse? It was cold on the airfield as well..

Eventually took a combo of 1 paracetamol, I paramol, and my BP tablet which I'd not taken earlier.. Temperature wasn't up much. 37.5 and that could have been the sun.. I forgot to use block !! Idiot!! Felt that crap I debated calling the hosp. But then again did I really want to.
Have to call a doc on a Sat night
Go back to London
End up in Bristol A&E on a Sat night..

Answer to those 3 .. NO..

Spent a VERY disturbed night.. Dad is great but he snores.. My muscles ached and I didn't feel great anyway.. the drugs meant I managed to get a few hours kip before waking & slumbering through the early hours.


Didn't eat anything much for breakfast..
Retched badly before I showered and knew I was gonna pay for it in muscle pain later.. (I still am.. Those retching muscles HURT!!)

Something kept me on my feet..

Got to fest around 11ish after picking up some food (the fest food wasn't all that great sadly) in Wroughton Co-Op.. I wasn't hungry anyway..

Had a look round the stalls and took a few more pics.... Didn't see anything I really wanted..

I thought that we might register for flying the single line lifter in the display are but I didn't feel up to it. That again irritated me.. I also need to look into tethering single lines..

Most seem to use a VERY big stake and some sort of sacrificial tether line at the point of wear. Canvas webbing/strapping was what one guy was using for very large kite.

I also definitely want some sort of kidney themed line laundry or kite now.. Might email kites up and see what their custom squares come to..
It just pisses me off that my body isn't well enough to do this stuff!! Aaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh

No lunch for me.. not hungry..

Met up with Elaine, Rachael, Chris & the twins.. I have to say I felt better at this point in the day.. I dunno why.. I just did!..

Rachael had brought some home baked flapjack as promised.. And it IS lovely. I am gonna eat the last bit in a mo:D thanks hon.. :D

Flew kites with them. The butterfly went up again, as did my old greens of burnley that I've had since age about 12..

Their pink 2 line stunter made an appearance and flew well enough..
Had a good look round the hangers also..

Was knackered by the time we left. Slept in the car on the way home.. had shower, ate soup & crashed into bed when i got back.. Been there since more or less..

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Hiya had gr8 day at kite fest n was nice 2 c u n u dad ;)
Glad u like Rachs flapjack lol :p
Sory u didnt feel well outta breath yup u DO need sorting help u feel better eh? ;)
Stil least sun shining although couple brief hailstones!!! lol run 4 cover!!! lol

bye for now Elaien Rach Chris Katie & Vicky :D

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