I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Some progress, not much
with care, Handle
Still wheezy, & tiring easily. Hopefully some IV iron, tomorrow will help. I think I will request blood cultures, & do 3 hours.

Bed last night 2 Panadols etc. I've got some chamomile & spiced apple tea for tonight instead.

Managed a walk round the shops with Dad, sorted more MacUser magazines to go on Ebay, destined for Freecycle if they don't sell, recycling if they don't get taken there.

Christopher Lloyd , pork stew for supper:)

I've decided if I ever get a flat, it will be primarily furnished from Freecyle, constant supply of TV's sofa's, beds etc

The shredder has gone! It's been freecycled.


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