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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Update - Been in hospital again
Yep folks, I landed up in hospital (The Royal London, Whitechapel) for a couple of weeks with an infection, MRSA in the blood, source not entirely sure of but scary enough.

I was also heavily overloaded with fluid, due to body weight loss. I have had 2 ultrasounds on my heart, & another test which cleverly calculates how much 'excess' fluid your body is retaining. Simple electrical conductivity, but effective.

I'm down to 57 kg (abt 9 stone)

At worst it could have become a repeat of 2004 :( It's amazing how quickly you become institutionalised, noises, having a view of the clinical waste bins a few yards from your window rather than sports fields & woodland. Having a fairly empty room & being poked with a needle before breakfast. Spending 2 weeks with no TV or internet! ! I soon became friends with Radio 4 again, & as I listen to Magic FM anyway, it was quite a comfort. Oh & hospital radio. Teehee!

I read through my first Wilbur Smith book, birds of Prey, & started on my first John Grisham double book "The Partner" & The Runaway Jury" Both books , 3 of em, were 7 quid the lot. Given that the hospital shop has a sitting, lying or otherwise custom it wasn't too bad.

We also discovered a new cafe, simply called 'The Eatery' just round the corner of the hospital. It's no replacement for the sorely missed Star Cafe that closed a year or so ago, but it does lovely sandwiches, pasties, & tea. the staff are v friendly. Some of the stuff is fair trade/organic.

Hospital food has got better, dare I say it, but it is probably full of extra pesticides/fungicides, antibiotics & growth hormones in the meat in the meals just to keep ya in a bit longer!
A bit of butter & pepper goes a long way, IF you remember to ask.
The puddings, some of em weren't too bad!

I was released/discharged on Tuesday due to:

A flooding in the ward, toilets blocking up, overflowing, 2 floors were part flooded, ward cordoned off a week later when I visited a nearby department. I regret not taking pics. I think the beeb would have been more interested;) Time still!

B: the doc deciding that I was well enough to leave & not be one of the many moved to another ward.

As a certain member of staff commented I was "better off NOT being in a third world hospital!" Such is the moral of NHS staff:) Or maybe cynicism. Oooh a long word!

I have 2 more doses of antibiotics, & in between a TOE scan, to see if my heart valves are/are not leaking. SCARY...This involves a camera down yours truelys throat to see the heart properly. The ribs etc get in the way from the outside, apparently.

I'm seeing Bill Baily at the Royal Albert Hall live next week, all things permitting , WOOHOO

After that. well we'll see. fingers crossed no problems!

My parents have been amazingly supportive, bringing in food, fresh clothes, books etc & keeping me posted on the outside worlds goings on. Thank you to all those who wished me well, sent cards, came to visit, good vibes etc. It is VERY much appreciated.

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Glad to hear you are out of the hospital and doing better!

Blimey. Scary. :(

I'm glad you're out and a bit better.

Take care of yourself.

Glad your out and ok hun ... sorry for opting not to visit. Will definately arrange another visit when I'm next in London on my own.

Fingers crossed for Bill Bailey too ... definately deserve it.

No probs hun, sometimes things just come up!

I do, & it was brilliant, some old matieral mixed in with a fair bit of new stuff. Of course it wasn't Bill doing regular standup but a fairly big musical event mixed in!

And the Royal Albert Hall is ace!

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