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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Further Update - Heart stuff
Post will be left public for a while as before.

The cardiac appointment went well, once the doc had found a room!

Got there, booked in at one reception, who told me to go to the opposite reception, who told me to go to the opposite!

Booked in, into the waiting room, cardiologist swans in with a cuppa tea or coffee, & says sorry about the wait, I'll see if I can find a room!!

Great, in the waiting area I see a nurse pushing a tray of notes around, first to one place then another! Turns out there mine!

Eventually he invites me in, a small room no windows, doctors couch, coats & notes go on the couch, the consultation proceeds. After chatting for a while he exclaims it's too claustrophobic,.. We evacuate to another spacious room, with daylight & an open window!

Carrying on, test results. I have no infection, or sign of, or largely leaking valves. However the heart is larger than normal, so stretched or weak.

I have a double dose of Ramipril, make arrangements to see a cardio nurse frequently, & then another clinic in 3 months!

The doc asks a nurse to bring in a BP machine to check mine. She's not sure how to turn it on or operate, & he's not used to that kind. I point out the universal power/on off button/sign. And the START .. HMMMmm what DO we pay taxes for! I eventually get my BP checked which is White coated to the roof by this time!

So things are not as bad as they may be, I do however need to excercise more, so it's walking, probably some swimming, I LOVE kiting, so some of that:) Shooting & fishing, well, the former is pricy & the latter is, well not my cuppa! Might be nice to pop down to the Lea Vally with a few mates or something. If I can round em up!

Also my dialysis prescription needs a close review/assessment, & the techs pressed to replace/service/upgrade my machine at home!

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Shootin' and Fishin'

Not sure I'd be wild about eating any fish I caught in the Lea Valley, and as for shooting, I gather it's not as expensive in Hackney as in the Scottish hills, but I don't think it will have a positive effect on your life expectancy... :)


Lee valley gun club, but it's a trek! Well fish, who knows what food contains these days. A fair bit of nasty in everything!

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