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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Remember Remember
Remember remember, the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason & plot! Yes folks, coming up is Guy Fawkes, or bonfire night (in the UK), usually running up a week before where people enjoy burning money, creating a smokey atmosphere & looking at pretty flashing lights:)

For those of you NOT in the UK your probably wondering what the hell he's on about! It is however apparently celebrated in some ex colonial areas:)

Wiki as usual has an unusual title for Gay Fuckes night:) Look it up yourself.

It's a lot of fun if your a kid, big kid or just like pretty lights & bangs. (And your not Bill Baily's dog)

My experiences. Various bonfire night parties at home, & at friends. Usually someone gets lumbered with lighting fireworks while everyone either A watches in awe. B the kids watch & the rest of the lads go off to watch footie!

Memorable bonfires, definitely a few in my time. There's something fairly primitive but satisfying about building an effigy & watching it burnt a fanatically built bonfire.

Alexandra Palace, this gets a mention as I can watch the fireworks from the comfort of my house. Lame maybe. But it makes for some great pics:) They DO have a specacular display although last year seemed to be cut a little? Budget, weather. You do of course home for cool, clear dry weather!

All about Guy Fawkes & his Gunpowder Plot according to answers dotcom!

* Born: 13 April 1570
* Birthplace: Stonegate, York, England
* Died: 31 January 1606
* Best Known As: Most famous member of England's "Gunpowder Plot"

Guy Fawkes is the most famous among the conspirators who took part in 1605's "Gunpowder Plot," a failed attempt to blow up King James I of England and the Houses of Parliament. Fawkes and his partners were Roman Catholics who decided desperate measures were required to replace the king, a Protestant. The plot was hatched in the spring of 1604 by Robert Catesby, and eventually came down to a plan to blow up the parliament on 5 November 1605, the date of an official opening attended by members of both houses as well as the king. Fawkes and a dozen others took part in the plot, with Fawkes designated as the one in charge of the explosives. (During the 1590s he served in the Spanish army in the Netherlands, and it is thought he had experience with munitions.) Fawkes and his cohorts stashed 36 barrels -- nearly two tons -- of gunpowder in a rented cellar beneath the House of Lords. A search of the cellar the night of 4 November found the explosives and Fawkes, and he was arrested and tortured; within a few days the other conspirators were either killed or captured. On 31 January he was executed, after being tried and convicted of treason. Because the plot was foiled, 5 November was designated a holiday, but over time the holiday has also become a celebration of Fawkes's revolutionary intent. English traditions on Guy Fawkes Night include bonfires, fireworks and the burning of effigies known as "guys."

The 5th also has other memories for me, but I will blog that in another post.