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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Tired but relieved
I should be in bed..
I will soon honest. soon as I post this, eat, drink, do a catheter etc.

I think this evening I may have..

scared a few peeps.. I'm sorry.. I will be OK, honest but I have to tell it like it is..
I won't lie and say ' I'm fine' when there is potential seriousness going on.

Pissed off a few peeps..
Some work & personal stuff needs out in the open and possibly exterior moderation. I don't like it but I'll do what I have to.

Used Skype..

if you don't have Skype.. GET IT.. it allows FREE voice chat if you both have the client.
ingridiana mentions email to her bro in Hong Kong.. Skype is like a free phone call :)
I've been chatting to Rachel in NY.. and its a crisp a a normal call and not costing me above my normal ISP and hardware charges :)

You can skype me on JMan05. www.skype.com

Right. I must sleep.. my doc said take it easy and what am I doing sat here at near midnight! ! !