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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Beware the slippery slopes!
Last night was a good event, as members of the BBKA, we attended the Christmas party. This was fine, a BYO event (which is always good in itself).

Getting there & back, however was well dangerous. We intended to go by tube/bus. Heading off down the road I caught my foot on a raised paving slab & made a good attempt to attack a tree & hit the ground.

Headed back home to examine the damage to the knee, one grazed, the other bruised!
After a change of jeans, & application of a dressing we decided a cab was better.

All went fine, we ate, drank chatted.

Heading off home, walking to the tube, Tuffnell park, 2 stops to Highgate. Fine.

Coming out of the tube. Priory Gardens the road that runs from the station was iced over the pavements. Needless to say we treaded carefully, I slipped a little but didn't fall over!

Made it to the main road. Walking along the pavement there was fine. It seemed localised frost.

Getting to another sloping road that leads down to ours, dad slipped on a patch of ice. He's fine but bruised his hip quite badly. Thank goodness for thick coats!

So watch out folks!

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And here was me thinking I as the accident prone one ;-) Glad your both ok though.

Thanks, could have been worse, luckily no breaks, just a grazed kneecap. Yuck!

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