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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Brief Update - On Blood, Christmas, cards & other things
Had final monthly bloods done yesterday. Was wise enough to buy some good sandwiches from the local bakers.

BUY sandwiches you say, what a sin. Yes it is, I should have made some the night before!
What they hey, the bacon & egg banquette was mucho tasty, and with 50 or so less additives than the sandwiches they hand out at the unit!

Due to my now HIGH level of haemoglobin the quickest way to reduce it was to loose some blood. So that's exactly what happened. Charming, a few months ago & received 2 units of blood, now I have to waste it! A very strange end to the year.

Got my stock list done today, delivery, is apparently on Boxing Day.

Christmas cards for people are going to be LATE this year, sorry. Some I'm still looking for addresses, I KNOW I've got them all written down.

Will prob get the tree down at the weekend:)

Must be more to write. I'm listening a lot to

I'll add the links later but you can google them:)

Roads End Radio
Absolute Radio
Fresh Air Radio :)

That's all for tonight,
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