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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Didn't blog yesterday really..

Got a fair bit done though.

Spoke to: Andy, Steve, Hal, Michelle, and Faye, Jake & various other online peeps. That lot in no particular order or chronology.

Packed up ebay plants and returned a cheque made payable to a name that wasn't mine! Some people eh!

Still.. that buyer I think is just dysgraphic or something and has promised to send a corrected cheque.

Chased up some BBQ invites late last night. Gonna be a smaller group than I thought.

I felt down yesterday. Really looking forward to the BBQ & seeing Faye but not sure what I feel about some things.. I'm saying no more here. I feel more positive this morning..

I hear they've banned Chav's from the bluewater center!! Hahahahaha That is so funny!

Did more stuff yesterday also but.. I can't remember what now! LOL

More to write here later:D Breakfast.. Shower... Cyas..

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Banning chavs from Bluewater - nice one! lol

If you wanna chat tonight hun I'll be about til about 9.30/10 as usual!


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