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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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2008 as it was - In a nutshell
January, was about the Flue, gardening, cats & friends & adding the wonderful dolphinelly to my friends list, also planning kite trips & booking the Holiday to Crete! Amazingly I manage to make all 3 of the planned kite trips tho was rained in on 1 & not too impressed on another.

February brought me back to swimming for a while, something I vowed to do once a week. And amazingly kept up for a a while. I can't stand gyms (never have anyone to go with). I've lapsed lately. It also brought a valentines or anti as the case may be.
The month also included a very adventurous cat, a large hawk on the allotments.

We Will Rock you, the most exquisite musical.Was the highlight of the month.
As per January a poem was posted.
I posted on 2 dreams & was selling plants on eBay :)

March, into the year now!
I got dumped/split with Paula.
I bought a new kite.
My hospital were being arseholes more than normal!
I had a rotten cold
I began weaning off steroids!


April really a time when things begin to grow, the sap rises & plans for the year start to flourish. I was feeling not only in the mood to wonder but pretty rough physically.
I went to a kiting event in Devon & felt very small & disappointed:) Not the greatest of months

I didn't blog a lot in May, the fewest posts in any month. I wrote of 2009 film releases, & my Holiday in Crete which was disappointingly cruddy & that includes the 2 days of vomiting & diarrhea . Of course now they are probably all trying to kill each other, or something. May also tends to be a time to be Outside if the weather is good & of course tis my BD month. Whilst on hols my camera broke down.!
On to the next month.

Things were a lot lot busier in June, having returned from my to the LUSHness of the garden at home, which could only be described as a temperate jungle. I spent a weekend with Paul C drinking eating, clubbing & hanging about in the garden. I saw the Indiana Jones film, The Crystal Skull, with it's teaser ending! I taught some kids how to fly a kite without any wind!
I did a bit more kiting, had a dose of comedy Theatricals with Dickens Unplugged. & attended a VERY large kite festival in Westward Ho! Devon which was good, but somewhat disappointing. My own lack of confidence in a very very very busy situation. As usual the summer solstice was observed. Hot weather if you can remember it now!


A mixed month, of friends, The X files Film - I want to believe & time spent with a friend:) Pedallo-ing round Ally Pally in the heat!
It was also a month of being driven Mad by parents! Who were being worse than usual, the heat maybe?
A trip to Cambridge botanics inspired me/drove me to buy several blue cactus at the local garden centre!
I ate out at Pick More Daisis - A South Carolinian burger bar/restaurant in the locale!
I also saw Dickens Unplugged for the second time:)
Which I hope to repeat in 2008 ideally with a group of friends for once.
I saw the film Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging (now out on DVD).
August also contained the first Party of the year.
I bought quite a few DVD's and blogged about random things including dreams.
Was the beginning of a Hellish period of poor health building up from last month due to neglect of the NHS!
I sold some magazines & DVD's, discovered mistletoe in the backgarden & generally felt like stir fried shite! The month had a mere 9 entries due to ill health.

Was taken up mostly by sickness being in hospital, recovering from delusional madness, antibiotics & hospitals, very uncomfortable invasive medical procedures.
1 very positive highlights of the 2 months were friends visiting in hospital & seeing Bill Bailey live at the Royal Albert Hall.
The anniversary of a friends death, the latest bond film, photos, videos & other things. That sums it up.
December End of the year! Surprisingly I'm still alive. Getting christmas cards out late, sliding on ice, & the death of a friend & the Doctor who special as well as an uneventful Christmas was December.

Have a wicked 2009 everybody!

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Sounds like generally a good year, apart from the health bits Jim... hope 2009 is much better though!! Hoping to accompany/meet you at one of the kite festivals this year, never done it before but would absolutely love to :) HUGS

:) GRINS. Must make a note of that. The 2 I intend to get to are the Streatham kite day, & Bristol International:) The Streatham one is usually in April:)

I remember, 13th apr, Im hoping to come there!

Not sure if it will happen this year:( Will have to keep an eye on the site:)


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