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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Dinner with....Helen & Douglas House fundraiser Dinner
Will put pictures up when I work out where I'm gonna host them!:)

Having received an invitation by the wonderful ingridiana to a charity fundraising dinner for Helen & Douglas House hosted by Jeremy Clarkson at no cost other than getting there how could I refuse:)

Having met Ingy at Victoria we set about getting back to my place. Note to anyone traveling in London, get an Oyster card, it's cheaper. Getting from Victoria to Crouch End cost near a fiver!!

Back at my place we chatted, drank & before long it was time to get changed & head of to the Royal Hospital Chelsea where the event was taking place.

Taking a cab we headed off & arrived in time for a champagne reception (drinks & nibbles). I'm not a huge fan of champagne but the penny sized nibbles were lovely, & the ginger & lychee soft drinks that were also handed out were delicious. The reception was in a huge white marquee with muzac & lighting. Quite warm compared to the outside temperature.

It began to get very busy, as the teams arrived. Part of the fundraising tasks was to complete a black cab treasure hunt. Ie completing various tasks including taking a picture of an Alsatian & immersing their feet 3 feet in water. Another task was to obtain a fried egg. I did hear that one team took a picture of Al who was Asian.. but there's no proof in it:)

Clarkson himself was there, as was Paul Whitehouse, who we spoke to for some time. He comes across as he does on one of his sketches, a friendly cheeky cockney character:) Brilliant! He's very easy to talk to.
Inside info, he is working on something new, after the Harry & Paul series.

Trinny (of Trinny & Sussana) fame were supposed to be there as well as people from the BBC, the Sun, & various other organisations. I didn't really recognize anyone apart from the people mentioned.

Finally, & feeling a little tipsy from the champas, & not so tipsy from the ginger & lychee we headed off to dinner.

A short trip across to the main building & into the Grand Hall, the dinner was a 3 course meal, grilled mushroom with spinach for starters, a roast beef main course & a 3 mini deserts to finish. Wasn't too impressed with the beef but then I don't eat it a lot, but the deserts & starter were delicious.

During the Dinner there was charity raffle 20 pounds a go, followed by an Auction. Surpisingly Clarkson only swore once. This I compare as minimal to Richard Madely. lol.

I'm not sure of the total funds raised but the total was well into thousands:)

Once it was all over there was time to get autographs.. For some reason I'm not one to bother, but flame me for it if you can. It was nice enough to meet people.

After some more post dinner mingling & chatting it was time to head home. Another minicab this time. Booked via Cabwise. This is the first time I've used it, and seems to be safer than using the tube when your tired, & cheaper (half the price) of a black cab.

Got home safe and hit the sack. All in all a once in a lifetime experience.

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I host mine on photobucket, but need to edit them (eg. lighten them up!) before i do my post! explination as to why not finished yet on my blog :)

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