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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Busy day..
Earlyish start this morning.. makes a change..

Muesli for brekky.. just a bit.. I never eat a lot.. Its Jordan's 'special'.... not organic but it tastes quite nice.. And a mug of tea :)

Went to Argos to get a few bits and pieces, also wandered into Wilko's (just not worth missing if I'm in Wood Green) and got some boxers in Peacocks..

Note to Faye.. there is a Quiznos in Wood Green. I've now realised what it is, having.. a) never heard of it. b) Never been in there. I just happened to spot it!..

Also went to Iceland to pick up some milk and a few other bits on the way back..

I still feel a bit rough, but NO WAY as bad as I was walking about at the weekend..
Came back... Such a nice day I ALMOST asked dad to stop at Ally Pally just to enjoy the view and weather..

Had lunch.. Soup.. fresh bread, spread, cheese (just a teeny bit..)

Dawdled a bit in the afternoon.. finally got a few bits done, dad went to council office and got blue badge form and also enquired about road markings for allotment entrance..

Got a few late invites for the BBQ done.. need to find a few more addresses.

Dropped a note to Jon & Ros and they are coming to do some gardening/weeding tomorrow after midday.. That is sooooo helpful... Thanks guys.. :)

Filled in NKF raffle tickets for myself, Brother, Sis in Law, and nephew etc.

Had plaice, spuds (boiled) and peas for lunch plus a small vanilla cornetto type thing.. Very nice :D

Also got a quote back on a kidney kite.... I am sooo tempted just to do a design and go for it. but we'll see.. I will play about with a few bits and ask some more Q's first.

Gonna talk to Bro as well and see what we can come up with for line laundry and suchlike.. I liked his idea of a tail.. I have an idea for a 'balanced pair' kite as 2 kidneys give an even 'ish' shape.. I will have to look again at the notes we made near New Year..

Got a superb print out of stuff on single line flying off Gomberg kites.. OK the Sled I have isn't HUGE but its the lower end of that scale..

That and get Janice to do me a plain windsock and mebbe a banner shouldn't be tooooo hard.

My Flexi Subtag isn't 'Flying Kidney' for nothing! :D

Right.. better find these addresses.. More later..