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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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A quick blog on photo printers..
The current rash of photo printers for digital cameras irks me!

Why... because they are such moneyspinners for the companies concerned..

The only time I'd recommend them is for client work if you are a professional image producer..

If you print the odd colour flyer, get a regular inkejet. and buy a monochrome laser for the 'office work'

For 'your holiday snaps' etc its far less hassle and cheaper to get them printed by the likes of an Online service such as bonusprint.

Photo printers have been around for years!.. I've had a printer with photo capability virtually since my first computer.. It was a small Canon inkejet, worked fine.. you put the photo paper in, and the high quality inks, hit print.. and you had 1 print.. very good, very nice..

24 took ages. used up a lot of ink.. and just wasn't and still isn't worth the hassle..

I now use Bonusprint or similar.. It takes me minutes to upload & Prieview my images. I pay for them when I'm happy. A day or so later they get delivered. Professionally printed, in a neat envelope.

Some current sample prices for 6X4" inch prints using these companies.

Trueprint 10p
Bonusprint 12p
Photobox 18p
Pixaco 9p
first4fotos 10p
mypixmania 15p
colourmailer 20p
digi-prints 12p
first4fotos 10p
Snapfish 10

These are for single prints.. and don't include postage..

Most of these services offer discounts above about 25 prints, so it gets even cheaper if you've saved up several trips worth of good shots..
Most don't include postage but this is usually not much..
Shop around anyway.. Many have discount offers on signup.

Compare some of these to high street prices and you will find them closer to the 20p mark.. Eg Boots, Max Spielman etc..

Ease of Use Varies again.. I've used Bonusprint & Pixaco via my mac and had no problems with either of them! Pixaco shipped from Germany which took a day or so.. Packaging from both companies was fine!

So to summarise..

Shop Around
Check Postage
Look for special offers (that 3p a print offer may only be good 1 time! )
Make a note of packaging. (is it good, bad, etc?)
Is their upload easy to use, do they provide good software?
Where are they? (geographically, my bonusprint lab is 'just up the road' in London, so I know my prints won't have far to travel!)
Upload at the best quality you can. Higher resolution on your picture means a finer (and possibility of larger) print. 300dpi MINIMUM,
What paper do they print on?

And finally.. DON'T forget to back up your original digital files!