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List accomplished.. almost...
Almost accomplished the list of things I made to do today..

This mornings tasks were to get a haircut, and get to the GP & sort out the prescriptions for my tablets..

Got the haircut.. nice and short..

For when the weather warms up... (and in case I need to be in hospital... ).
John now charges 9 quid for a cut but the council tax has gone way way up..! !

Dad helped with the GP side of things by giving me a lift round there.. They hadn't checked the faxes yet so hadn't done the script.. Come back after 3 was the final verdict after I explained that I couldn't wait till Mon as I had an infection that needed treating.

Had an early lunch..

Jon & Ros arrived a while after.. got a good bit of weeding started.. had a brew.. got a bit more done.. the bluebells are reduced somewhat.. Still LOADS to do but its a start..

Was pretty tired by that time went for a bit of a lie down & elevated my feet.. Pacing myself like this I am not used to..:)

Had a herb tea and some fruit.. decided to have some toast & cheese as was hungry again..!!

Am sure its the amyxcillin that makes me eat like this!..

Watched Simpsons & news while resting.. now just waiting for supper to finish cooking.. some sort of beef stew casserole thing:)

I'm still hungry .

The weekend is looking good for some planting & gardening though. Overcast but not tooo much chance of a rain here.. I hope..

Right supper in 5.. I best go...


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