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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Brief updaty Outsiders, Kites, and conferences.. Plus life..
Red Sun
Things have been a bit wild the past few weeks.

New things. A social worker has been introduced into my life. Watch this space. She gave no promises, but will talk to us again in 3 weeks.

I was at the Outsiders 30th anniversary party, more on that perhaps later, but it was an event to remember, with a sensory fashion show, live ad-lib theatre and a pleasure island:)


I am off to Hamburg next weekend, back on Tuesday. for this conference, as I've been asked to speak there. As this is the first trip on my own for a long time, it's a bit daunting, bit exciting, bit scary, and has been HELL to organise. Usual late minute madness.


the following weekend, I HOPE to be off to the Bristol International Kite Festival. If anyone wants to tag along, meet up, I shall be there on SUNDAY.


More later, I've come back from a very nice meal with family at Sosta and slightly relaxed on white wine:)

Check it out, I could have sworn I saw Neil Morrisy at the corner table:)

Oh and my credit card bill bounced so now I have to sort that all out. I've rung them TWICE and they didn't point it out.. SWINES, a stiff letter on cardboard methinks... Once the bill is paid..