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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Update of sorts The Weekend..
Just an update, Facebook is evil and takes up far too much time and lessens blogging. I should minimise my use there.

Things, that is most stuff generally are going quite well. This should be the year I get back on the road seriously. Travelled to Blackpool by train for a conference. Stupidly I forgot my railcard so got clobbered , even when I provided the railcard number. I shall complain.

I'm off to Tenerife for Holiday in December, and looking forward to it.:) Should be 2 weeks of sun and fun:)

Courtesy of the system and local council I know have a cleaner/semi PA to help out about the house. Both my parents are OAP's and mum's deserves it, as she's been my carer for so long., and is now so for my home treatments. It's making a difference already, starting in the kitchen.:) The social worker did say that it was a shame we didn't get in touch sooner. But when you are in some situations you give up and get on with it. People are like that.

31st Im having a little social thing at a local pub:) There's a chance of an after/halloween do at another pub as well. :) Could be a good night.

One of our cats died not so long ago, which was sad event for a lot of people. However he had a very good life and a lot of love:)

This weekend, has been a weekend of socialising, again of sorts. Met up with a mate from Cambridge, and had lunch. He'd previously left camera and coat behind so was a purposeful visit. Always good to catch up with friends.

Tomorrow the plan is to dine with a another friend of mine, who's company I enjoy.:) Looking forward to that:) The weather should I hope be better as well:)

Thats all for now:) Enjoy your weekend folks, whats left of it