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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Woke up from a very nice dream.. I won't be writing about that in public though ;)

Got up.... Went to bank.. paid in cheques.. One for a Ebay sale and one from dad paying me back for some stuff I put on my MC for him..

Counted the number of pieces in the GIANT JENGA game that I bought..
Why was I counting them.. to make sure they were all there! They are.. there's 76.

I'm sure I've paid over the odds for this but its well made and hell I got it now.. couldn't be arsed to search around for one the same but cheaper..

Sods law I will see one over summer of course.

However due to the fact the box arrived damaged I am gonna leave the guy nuetral feedback methinks.. Looking at his sales its not like he's unaccustomed to shipping large items.

time for a bit of a tidy up in my room & then vacuum if I can before mum gets back from lunch..

Talking of mum... I'm worried about her.. yesterday she locked us out after coming in from getting the washing in and then said 'I haven't been out in the garden'... This after dad said.. Don't lock the door Jim & Jon & Ros are out there!

Then she shut the cat in the cellar after I said.. Make sure the cat hasn't gone in the cellar!! Hmmm

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Oooh .. giant Jenga!! Does that mean we'll be having a game at the BBQ?? :p

If its not raining...

If its not chucking it down and everyones got their steel toe caps on! :D

Re: If its not raining...

YAY!! lol

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