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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Don't overdo it
Had a very nice ham & mustard roll for lunch..

Spent a while online then chatted to a certain person.. Then called a certain person:) and chatted for a bit.. Good call :D

Then went and did an hour or so in the garden, have filled another green bag & a bit with weeds and may do some more tomoz as its last chance to clear via the green waste collection.. Otherwise we'll have to store it, or take it to the tip or plot.. As most of this stuff is not really compostable at home or at the alottment (too much bindweed & wood) and we don't compost at home any more anyway (too many rats)

I hope tomorrow to get some planters up, MAYBE to go look at a statue to buy.. We'll see.. Quite fancy a nice big bit of something down the garden and 2 seats to sort out.. 1 we can do by relocating the marble slab but I really want something for under the trees at the back.. That little shady area you can't quite see from the house or patio in summer ;) Have to go & look at http://www.worldwidepots.com/ which has a place just up the road from here..

Came in from garden.. Had apple turnover.. tea... finished tidying up and moved sack through house..

Came in.. pretty late by this time.. 7ish.. decided to have a bath..

Missed Dr WHO AGAIN!! Grrrrr.. How come I NEVER remember?!

Or Dr Qui as they call him in Francais.. Bill Bailey does a lovely little song on that..
http://www.bill-bailey.co.uk/discography/index.php and choose the bottom most record..

Helps if you can 'just' about understand French! LOL

Now if you want to see a small video clip go here:
http://www.bill-bailey.co.uk/downloads/video.php and click on Apocalypse BBC... You'll never watch the 'News at 10' on UK TV in the same way again! :D

bath was nice with some of that Weleda Pine Bath Milk I got at Xmas.. http://www.weleda.co.uk or from any good chemists :D

Had a bit of soup and spoke to bro.. decided to make pizza'y type thing for supper..

Toasted Roll, ketchup (no sauce in the fridge! ) mushroom, courgette, bit of cheese, pepper, olive oil.. Toasted.. Ate it with my feet up on the sofa.. What a treat! :D

Oh AND I got a small foot massage this evening.. What a night! :D

Right off to watch Have I Got News For You... Tata..

Note to Faye.. see http://www.bill-bailey.co.uk/discography/index.php and pick the third record! :D

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Quick head's up - Doctor Who is at 6.30 next Sat.(just to confuse you.) :)

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