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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Weeds & flowerpots
First things first.. I tend to not use big words about stuff that means a lot to me, and yesterday was a first for me in one way, and it was (insert big positive descriptive words here) ... :) Maybe thats not quite the way to put things but I guess I mean I don't tend to get 'REALLY' enthusiastic in the some way people do about things.

Note on the rare occasions that I do get a bit excited about stuff its pretty genuine I think..

THe kettle broke yesterday so we had to go & get a new one.. Got to Wood Green so early Argos wasn't open yet, so suggested to dad we go for a coffee rather than waiting like slavering shopping deprived animals by the store entrance (like the rest of the poor devils! )

So 1 OJ, 1 coffee and 15 minutes and quid later we had a kettle.

Got back and had arranged for Ros to come & do some stuff in the garden after midday so she duly arrived.. Didn't think it was so fair to do just weeding in the hot sun again so we tackled the 'giant pile of pots' under the birch tree.. Cleared 3 black bin bags full & kept the rest. The excess won't be binned but will go to the allotments for use there, and possibly some will be sold at the plant sale next week.. 50p a carrier bags worth or something.. Used pots are hard to shift LOL you can't give em away!

Also a bag of rubbish (broken stuff) and 2 bags of weeds & green waste which will hopefully go tomorrow in the collection

Was pretty tired by the time we finished around 2.45ish.. stopped and had some lunch.. Dejavu.. a ham roll & mustard!

Had a brew also then went for a lie down for a bit.. For once I am being 'good' and ended up kipping for an hour.. rather nice.. Woke up feeling a bit different ;)

Now got up and blogging.. I fancy some chocolate:D And I need to go and tidy up my room.. one task I DID set myself for the weekend which isn't completed quite!