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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Knackered now...
Mooched about online, chatted to Faye, wrote a response email to something to do with the Club construction out back (they may be thinking of restricting access and we probably have a 'right of way by prescription' after the 30 or so years we've been here)

Went and did a bit of half hearted tidying.. Its not yet vacuumed but a lot of the bags & stuff are out the way now.. Wrapped up a small something I bought for next weekend.. No peeking now :D

I need to find my teeny kites for next weekend among other things.
A bumper amount of rubbish out for the bins and recyc after this weekend.. I hope they take it all..

Had supper.. Chicken casserole followed by an ice cream.. Snacky..

Might eat a small bit of cheese (I know its not supposed to be good for sleeping!)
Watched Indiana Jones & the last crusade.. classic film but still VERY watchable..

Now off to shower & sleep.. tis amazing how many people WANT something when you come online this late at a weekend.. Can you do... this that or the other...!

Drives me nuts sometimes.. and then they message you to ask you if you got their email and tell you what it says! ???? Errrr Helllo.. was there much point sending an email..


Night all :)