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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Have a laff on me
Well.. C'mon.. How do you think I ended yesterday.

LOL You'll never guess..

Realised at about 11:15 that I'd didn't have my phone about me.. Where did I last have it.. Out in the garden when I was tidying up with Ros.

Hmmm did I leave it on the patio, in the kitchen.. Nope..

Couldn't find it in the house.. Bugger.. Only 1 option.. I've dropped it in the garden!

Got a torch..

Went and had a look. Not a thing.. 1 way to find a phone.. Call it!

I called it.. Could hear it ringing but couldn't find it! Call timed out..
More searching and poking at undergrowth with sticks and the torch..
Tried calling it again.. Found it eventually in a sack of compost of old planters!! Emptied the sack out :) Phone is fine but I feel a bit of a wally!

ANyway.. I better go and get ready for my cardiologists appt..

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LOL!! You certainly know how to cheer me up :p Apart from me, only you could do that :)

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