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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Longish Philosophical
Spent best part of 2 hours in Cardiac outpatients.

In that time I..

Saw a doc..
Had my blood pressure measured and heart listened to.
Chatted to the doc for a bit (usual cardio questions)
Got an ECG done

Went back to see the doc. Found my last Echo Cardiogram

Looked at BOTH most recent ECG's

Looks like the heart is under stress. Most probably from a combo of Anemia & fluid eg.. side effects of poor kidney function..

Thus.. I have to go & see the renal lot on Wed.. and get THEIR opinion on these things.

I will ring them tomorrow to make sure they know..

Had supper.. Chicken with pineapple & rice.. It didn't quite come out right..

Chatted to Faye... things are good between us right now :) At least from where I am.
I'm liking where things are and its a happy part of my life. What comes in the future, immediate and distant I'll just have to wait and see.
I just wish my health wasn't getting in the way and I am thankful for the understanding I'm getting.. Not everyone is that 'real'.. Appreciated.

Anyway. Gonna get away from this 'puter, do a few things and just give my head time to sort things out.. Got tomorrow to do a few bits and then an early start on Wed if I go to transplant clinic I guess.! Sigh.. I wish that was over and it was Fri evening already ..

Ce la vie!

Sleep well world xx