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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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It´s been a long road, getting from there to here.

For some reason I felt like posting, after a year?  Maybe I should LJ more, and cut down on that stupid useful time consuming tool called Facebook!

So.  Life, goes on. Health is stable, its been a year since I've seen a doctor, and coming up 4 years since I met L

Dialysis goes on, and on, and on..  I'm damned with it, bar risking a risky transplant for the rest of my days, and don't get me wrong. That sucks.. Big time. But I'm alive! Healthy? Err probably, Sane? Debatable..

So, I'm looking, we're looking, L and I are looking for a 3 bed accessable property in Shropshire, ideally Telford.  SO, we can live laugh, and be together, and be a fecking couple! A bungalow would be nice?

Does the rental market favour us, hell no.  Thanks to the Smelly Dail, and certain Channel 4 programs, anyone on the sligthest bit of benefit is obviously a pot smoking, drinking ASBO loving load of no goods who aren't worth the time of day.  Thank you British Media.

Why don't you do the program on the 2 intelligent crips, or random age differences, looking for somewhere to live, keep decent health and maybe do a few arty crafty gardening things, listen to a bit of music and socialise and get involved in the local comminty!.  Probably not contraversial enogh to get the viewers eh.

Anyway, I may be back  Intermittently.  Prost!