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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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MacLocks UK - Possibly Good Products, unexpected costs!

MacLocks secure iPad/Laptop security review and views

As Apple in its wisdom, or idiocy have removed standard security cable supports from its devices, I still wanted to be able to tie secure my laptop to a desk. It seems most products include some sort of case based device, or link into the grill at the back of the keyboard.

I chose this:

The MacBook Pro lock from MacLocks http://www.maclocks.co.uk/mac-locks-macbook-pro-lock-macbook-air-lock-macbook-pro-retina-lock/macbook-pro-locks/the-blade-universal-laptop-lock-universal-tablet-lock-secure-bracket-with-universal-lock-slot.html

It looks like a good product, however despite the UK site, prices do not include shippping. Unless your buying more than one item you may well need to pay postage and packing and yes, wait for it. Import Duty! of an extra 17 pounds on a small, but hopefully useful product.

Its a .co.uk site, which ships you from abroad. I now have a tax bill from Fedex for VAT.

Avoid, http://www.maclocks.co.uk/mac-locks-macbook-pro-lock-macbook-air-lock-macbook-pro-retina-lock/macbook-pro-locks/the-blade-universal-laptop-lock-universal-tablet-lock-secure-bracket-with-universal-lock-slot.html or look for other products first.!