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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Don't say it with Flowers
Why I don't DO cut flowers..

Or at least a couple of reasons..



These two articles apply to the USA but the same applies to the UK..
With every 'home refurbishment' moving program and makeover program we are constantly seeing cut flowers as the trendy 'consumer' good of the noughties..

'I must have cut flowers around the house' issues from stars lips.. while they sip their organic coffee's and fairtrade teas..

Sorry.. this doesn't add up..

The cut flower industry is much like that of clothing and other mass 'instant' goods, eg disposable at high environmental cost.

What can you do..

Boycott regular cut flowers and ask your friends to do the same..

DON'T 'say it with flowers'

GROW YOUR OWN ( you'll be doing something for YOU AND your immediate environment. This may be as simple as putting some seed down 1 year and seeing what comes up.. Cost.. usually less than a regular bouquet. )

If you MUST have cut flowers, use an organic supplier.
Waitrose stock them, and the soil association or Henry Doubleday Research Association may assist you in finding other suppliers.

Try LOCAL suppliers or farmers markets.

Be AWARE of what you buy..

And Don't send me regular flowers, EVER! :) :D

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Will bear it in mind never to buy you flowers ;) Would choccies be ok?? :p

Choccies yes... but no rubbish... yeah I know I'm a food snob! :D
ACtually I try to avoid the stuff but choccy is a bit of a weakness at times :D

Re: Hmmm chocolate :D

Ahh ok ... posh choccies it is then ;)

Tell you what .. instead I'll treat you to brekkie on Saturday morning! I know ... I'm pushing the boat out :p

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