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One of those slow mornings. never quite got going..

Chatted to mum about this and that for a while.. had a longish breakfast, mooched about a bit..

Cleaned mums CD player for her cos it was skipping.. At least its nothing more serious..

Rang the hospital mainly to let them know I will be in tomoz but I need to speak with the transplant nurse so they should call back later.

SPent 20 mins on phone to Vodofone trying to sort out my voicemail. Seems there WAS a problem as 2 of their systems didn't agree with each other. 1 said I had VM the other not. Solution. Reset BOTH and start again.. I now have voicemil:)

SHOULD also be able to access Vodafone live (eg the internet bit of it.) not that I will use it that often.

ANyway.. lunchtime and I haven't even got started today.

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...and that I'm thinking of you a lot, and sending you positive energy (and also a birthday card, as soon as I get my stamp situation sorted - ie. get to the post office and buy stamps!)

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