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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Odd busy afternoon
Didn't know what I wanted for lunch.. ended up having a fried egg roll & a bit of double gloucester (it melts really nicely.. should be superb for burgers)

Turned out to be an odd afternoon.. Slowly getting the room sorted.. need to do this (the 'office' done as well.)

Feeling pretty good today..

Spent some time just sorting papers on desk.. doing odds & sods in room..

Rang Vodafone and FINALLY sorted out voicemail.. They had some sort of system conflict. 2 systems.. 1 said I had VM, the other not. In the end they told me how to reset them BOTH & set up from scratch.. THIS seems to have done the trick..

Got a call from JR... LONG time since I've heard from him (more than a year,) so a LONG chat to catch up with him.. He can't make it on Sat, as has just had a hernia op, but may make it over to Hove on the 29th as he's working at Littlehampton YHA.

THEN just about to carry on doing the room and then got a call back from hospital. Sorted out to go in to clinic tomoz so thats an early start.

6:10 by this time. I thought the pharmacy shut at 6, but its 7 so walked round with dad to get tablets, then took books back to library.
Followed on by stopping in at Jon & Ros's India preview sale.. the main one is on Sat.

Bought 2 little incense holders and some incense. Didn't mind paying. I know Jon puts a good mark up on the stuff he's brought back but, he has been REALLY helpful the last 2 weeks and a very good mate..

So.. with that didn't get back till about 7:30.. had pizza, baked spud & salad for supper. Tasty..

Now just online, got to shower & make sure all set for tomorrow then Zzzzzz.. Does it ever stop! ???

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Incense is nice; I enjoy using it. Was the one your friend sold you fair trade?

In that it was handmade by the guy he bought it off and brought back from India by Jon himself & not a large importers, possibly....? :) Not labelled as such though. Its about as fair as you get in that respect.

I don't use it that often.


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