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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Looong Wednesday
Early start for hospital.

Woken by alarm/ radio at 6:15.. didn't quite get outta bed till 7:30.. ooops running a little late. Luckily bag basically ready the night before and so we were at clinic just before 9.

I was about 13th in the blood queue.. Saw not 1 but 2 docs.. both the head shed & one of his protege's. I think my 'home copied' X-ray was appreciated in the absence of notes

The plan is to see what the frusimide has done via todays results AND See how I feel.
Will be looking at Hb, Urea & of course creatinine!! Eek!

Didn't have much time on meter so decided to come home and eat. Met a guy by the car who's GF had a 2cv and chatted with him for a bit.. May see him at the London 2 Brighton.

Got home. Ate bacon, egg, beans, mushroom, sausage, 2 toast & tea.. Feels good when you've been up since 7.

Debated whether to snooze or do gardening.. Did some light gardening till around 5ish.

Finished. Had a shower.. Had supper.. Somewhere in amongst this lot managed to check email chat online briefly.. Called Steve back, ate a choc ice, spoke to bro about him bringing the BBQ for Sat.

Chatted to Faye for a good 35 mins..
Went and had a cuppa & watched Blackadder..

My friends mum, Jenny has been round to use the phone & Mac as signing up to BULLDOG has buggered up her connection.. Read the reviews on ISPReview.co.uk.. Her experience is much the same as the bad ones. She is canceling her account.

Now just catching up on ppl's blogs, leaving & reading the odd comment and then I am gonna take tabs and off to bedski.. OK so I might eat some toast first!

I swear my day has been WAY busier than these words express.. I woke at 6:15 and its now 11:33 pm .. I must be getting better somehow.. Either that or I am gonna CRASH out tomoz......

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Do you fancy cooking me a fry up to?? I could soo jst eat all that

Sausage, Egg, Bacon, Beans, Mushroom, Toast & Tea.

I might :)

Could just take you out for breakfast though. If your ever over this way :D

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