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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Le Weekend
What a weekend

Started on Friday night really picking up Faye from Euston.. Train delayed 1 hour so it was 11 before she set foot off the train and due to Camden Town being resurfaced closer to midnight before we got home..

All of us having been up since fairly early, we were in a bit of a state..

Saturday Preparation for the BBQ, watching the rain shower down, and generally trying to get things sorted! One of these years I will be lucky enough to go out, come back in and it'll all be done! Probably when I'm 60!

As it was I was sweeping and doing stuff until after 4. NOT the way I'd hoped it'd be, sadly..

However it was a good afternoon, the sun came out (tho so did the wind, brrrrr) and there was, no rain. I'd post some pics but FILEBUCKET my hosting co have NOT YET sorted themselves and at the moment I cannot even log in! Grrrr

There are some good pics too so watch & wait.. :)

Had a great time during the BBQ, too much food as usual but not so much left over as last time.

Pretty tired by Sat night but didn't get to bed too early! A rather nice night :D

Both pretty trashed by Sun, took it gently Sun morning, and just about got Faye to Victoria by 1:30... Good thing that Dad was driving as I kept falling asleep in the car..

Came home and had a bite to eat then slept for 2 hours or so.. Now feeling tired & cold, but mellow.. Supper time anyway.. :)

What a weekend!!!! !!!