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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Today & more on the weekend
Le weekend..

In more detail..

was a very busy day.. just prepping, and then at the end of the day picking Faye up from Euston.. Good thing we did, I can't imagine what going on the tube would have been like after her delayed journey & long day! !!! Eeek

As it was it wasn't till about 2am that we really got to sleep.

Sat was exhausting, more prep & trying to clear stuff in time. Faye helped me a load by slicing up all the vegetables for the BBQ. Thanks hon:D

The excess went into a very nice Ratatouille last night :D

We also cursed & muttered at the rain which kept going.. Luckily it DID clear up by 4pm! :)

Food was pretty good, ..

BBQ'd sweetcorn, the usual things like burgers, sausages, nibbles & dips..

Around 10 of us were there all together including 3 old school friends. We haven't been together for a couple of years so good stuff.

Have to say the patio looks really good, super thanks to Dad for extending/getting it fixed up :D. The garden didn't look too bad either in the immediacy.. Thanks to Jon & Ros for their help with weeding really!

Hal brought a nice bottle of vino, (cheers mate) though could only stay a short time (never enough time ! :D )

Got some great personalised pressies of Jas, and of course Faye.. Actually I think the best pressy was the Sat night one ;) :D

The only slight downer was the temperature. By about 7 - 8 ish everyone was donning jackets etc as it was pretty chilly.. Typical when Sun was a lot warmer!

Sat night went on into Sun morning and it was probably about 3am before I went to sleep. I am now paying for this..


A very snoozy day which consisted of getting Faye onto her coach on time at Victoria (successful) and then snoozing in the afternoon.

TODAY.. Happy BD :D

Cash & cheques of parents and brother.. Always useful but lacking in passion! :) Oh well.. It will go into my pocket & EB & Triodos accounts post haste! ..

Loads of super greetings off everyone and lots of ecards & messages on the boards.. HUGS ALL! :D

So far today I've slept in.. had brunch between about 11 & 1.

Been to B&Q and got some hot glue sticks & written a short piece for a newsletter.

So ... another year under the belt.. & what a year its been..

The past 9 months have been a mad mix of heaven & hell.

Losing Sara, and not going to the USA was pretty hellish..
Meeting Faye has been pretty good.. One of the better things thats happened for a while in fact..

Around all this has been a weird mix of family stuff, work, personal projects, health stuff and ups and downs..

All that said I am right at this moment stable though not the best healthwise. I have love, money, clothes, food, and , and shelter.
So all in all.. Can I complain.. Probably.. but then I'm a perfectionist in some respects.

Not sure what we're doing for supper.. I quite fancy going out, but I know mum's bought pork loin so we'll see.....

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My post *will* get to you...soon...promise....

Life's been kinda hectic, and I've not posted anything for a while...
I know, I know, excuses, excuses....

Glad your BBQ went well; thinking of you a lot

*Big Birthday Hugs*

No probs on the help with the veggies hun .. you know me, not one to sit around watching people work! LOL

Was great to see you again and glad you likes the pressies :p


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