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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Kite Fest Pics. Some of :)
Well I went to Swindon Kite Fest a couple of weekends ago and though u can read about it and the rough weekend I had where I didn't do much flying AT ALL.. I DID manage to take some pics.. and here are some of them.

An Overview
Firstly, an overview of the flying area. Wroughton is a HUGE ex-airforce airfield. It houses part of the Science museums (yes the same one as in London) large mechanical exhibits such as planes, cars and other vehicular transport.

On the ground you can see some large 'line laundry' as its known as, basically 2 large twisters. And a lot of peeps there too see, fly & enjoy kites. In the air are quite a lot of triangular deltas (more on them in a bit), a red foil or 'lifter' kite of some sort and several of the green 'bag' kites that were produced by the White Horse Kite Flyers workshop and all the visitors :D.

A large Ollie the octopus is also visible in the background! :D

Basic & Technical

Here we can see 6 Deltas, a lifter and a closer view of a simple sled. (These sleds are great fun.. they were turning them out by the dozen seeing as they are just made from bags, tape and some line! :D )

The 6 Delta's aren't connected, but flown by 6 different people flying in formation! SKILL! !!!


Some buggiers and their parafoils.
The old runway was a HUGE attraction for these guys given that tarmac has VERY little friction compared to grass or sand (a buggiers normal terrain). Less friction gives MORE speed.. These guys are nuts.. I believe no buggiers were hurt (much) during the production of these photos! :D

Note: I haven't buggied yet!.. Parafoils are great fun tho:D

Line Laundry
Line Laundry, Sky Garbage, call it what you will.. These are colourful wind toys attached to a main line of a lifter kite. Here we see a string of pretty giant fish (sardines? ) and a couple of giant twisters (on the ground in a previous pic..)

Butterfly / Schmetterfleig

My Kite and the Pink Diamond

The butterfly is one of my latest acquisitions.. Its an off the shelf kite from Belgium and flys really well.. Its a single line, nothing fancy but fantastically colourful. It stands a bit over a metre in height.

Pink Diamond

The Pink Stunt diamond belongs to Rachael and her family who I met up with at the fest.. Fly's a treat and is errr... VERY pink .!!!