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Very Busy Day
Well today has been all go... or so it seems

Got up, got showered & sorted etc, then went out to take pics of Crouch End, as I'd realised that I have none really of my locale, or at least not recent ones.

So.. where does I live..

well here:) Just one pic

The Broadway

I hope that link works..

Got back.. had brekky, A bowl of Jordans special Fruity muesli (yummy), and mini toasted hot cross bun with a bit of cheese.

then Hal rang up.. We met for Brunch at what used to be the Oval Platter. Not sure of the name now.. Had a Ham & Cheese tasty & a cappacino.

Came home ate a little orange, but no more food.. I was stuffed already.

Spent a bit of time online, a few emails chatting to peeps.. Then took a bit of a break, had a good long chat with Faye whilst sat on the sofa. Ned was kipping next to me.. Seems to snooze a lot that cat. hope he's OK.
Had a brew & watched a bit of Bill Baily DVD.
After that did a little more computer work. sorted through some of the pics I took & those I took of the birch (in flower) in the back garden this morning and the Amalanchier's

Then supper.. Meatloaf, boiled tatties, & carrots. Yoghurt with oney & pecans after :D tasty..

Spent a little time online after supper.. Lateish.. Had to register this proggy (MacJournal which I am using for LJ) not sure if its the best thing but its only 25 dollars & hopefully the pics will work now I have some pic hosting added at another site.

Watched Parky: Osbournes, Stephen Fry & Martin Clunes excellent.. I though Anastasia singing was crud though sadly.. Not that I know her work but it just didn't do it for me. Band was OK, but she just seemed to ruin it.! Oh well
I'm sure millions would disagree..

Now just writing this and listening to 'the cosmic island' on iTunes. Gonna finish, check to see if the image works, then go & take a shower, get a drink & go to bed. its 11:24 PM

Last thing. I had an odd dream last night.
I was staying in a hotel room, nothing fancy just a bog standard room tho it was quite big & spacious I remember... Long.. the bed seemed lost in it.
For some reason I was wearing just a towel, I guess I must've come out of the shower..
Anyway I realised that some people over the way, in the next building (quite close) could see me nekkid! A woman & her kids I think it was.. so I shut the blinds or curtains.
Then, still in the hotel room I get locked out of it.. I'm not sure if I went to see who was at the door, or through the wrong door, but I am through a door & can't get back to the room. One of those dreams where you think you know the way, but don't. Wandered about the corridors (I remember turns and twists/corners, quite narrow) and then come to a very quiet bar area, like its that quiet time when everyone is out.. early afternoon, or 3 ish mebbe, after lunch.. There are just a couple of hotel/bar staff.

I can't remember my room number but I explain to one guy & we work it out & someone comes & lets me back in.
Then I woke up..

What does it all mean? If anything? That I feel revealed? Exposed? Lost? in need of guidance? I guess it could be all these things.

Night all

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The link isn't working :(

As promised, I'll take a look in my dream book later about your dream, see what it says there :)

The Link works fine for me :)

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