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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Afternoon & Supper (& stuff)
Spent part of the afteronoon sorting a shelf in my room and blogging..

Helped dad to plant plants on Patio.. the 3 climbers are now planted.

Nice day & bit of fresh air..

Dad will be away in Potters Bar tomorrow getting the car bumper replaced & mum is in Watford teaching, so I either have the house to myself of will go with dad.

Supper was made up of food from Sat really, the vege burgers that never got eaten (tasty! :), Pitta, some fresh salad, the remains of the the dips & sauces. A couple of them with pickle & a little bit of cheese & I'm stuffed..

Got a couple of cards today..

1 handmade one! Here comes the plug folks...

Its a Handmade by Michelle card and EXCLUSIVELY hand produced in deepest Weston-Super-Mare.. If you want a handmade card for a special friend then ask me for Michelle's contact details.

Handmade by Michelle

Here's a sample of a trendy modern Birthday card. Inside can be left blank for your own personal greeting. Click to fullsize in a new Window...

Spent this evening juggling chats, uploads, Blogging and other bits..

Also had a card off my oldest brother & nephew & Sis in Law.. It contained one of those 'sprung' butterflies, powered by a rubber band that flutters out at you when released. Nearly gave me heart attack as I opened it in bed this morning!! Arrrgh!
Enjoy folks..

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hi jman

i couldnt see the picture... nor when i clicked on the links...

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