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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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House to me...
Something pissed me off last night and as a result I didn't sleep so well.. Stayed up sorting shelves and papers to after 1am. Still at least some stuff got done.

Don't seem any the worse for wear tho as I was up by 8 and had brekky by 9.. I guess it''ll catch up on me later..

As mum & dad are out this morning I went & got bread, milk and some basic stuff. Read that one can get 10% off in Haelen Centre if you are a member of the Vege Society. As its 26 quid for family membership I think its probably worth it.

Forgot to get ham tho. mebbe Dad can pop out & get it before lunch when he gets back...

Did get pretty out of breath walking round Crouch End, particularly the inclines :( Bleagh.. I really ought to look at that DLA form but I hate those things.

Got pics taken for passport renewal. I swear they are worse then my LJ pic!
Just need to sign & get countersigned now and then take it round to the PO.

Dads back early. The bumper wasn't in yet.. And there was me resisting telling him he ought to call first before going over there!

Right.. thats it for now. on with the day.

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Well .. you do know what they say about your passport photo and about if you look like it ;)

Hope your feeling a little better hun .. will get your email replied too shortly

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