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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Bust that dust.
Felt pretty rough this morning. Made & drank tea the 5 am.. Slept some more then woke up sweating about 7ish. Eugh..

Got up very slowly & revived gradually.. Had paracetamol for a headache last night & I think that made me feel nauseous this morning. Just a bit of muesli for breakfast.

Cleared kitchen table. Did some vacuuming, hall, living room, lower stairs & diningroom/cooking kitchen. Why? Cos I don't like living in a slum!!

Took most of morning. Tis now 1:02 pm . Time for lunch..

Bro & family have gone off for the funeral so all is quietish. Not sure what time they'll be back.. later I guess.

The shower radio I ordered arrived this morning.. Just need to shove some batteries in & try it...

Tis very hot and wouldn't surprise me if it doesn't hit 30ish with accumulated heat. Whew!!

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Oooh ... love the "alien" pic :p

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