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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Le Weekend Familie

Took a load more IR Pics as the weather was so nice.. I may post some soon if they are any good. Need to experiment with the ISO settings to see if I can get finer grain.

Family here and after their funeral duties we ended up having a late BBQ. Very late. Was sooo nice that it was hot though although the lateness of eating meant I was awake until about 2am. Slight indigestion I think but it IS superbly nice to sit on the patio of a warm evening and just chill.. & I DO need it at the mo.

Burgers, chipolatas grilled Halloumi

Finishing that patio in time for my BBQ & the summer is one of the best things dad's given me in ages..

Bats flying over, the garden nice & dark, candles and the usual lights.. CHILLED! :)


A slow start after Fri night.. Some stress this morning that I could do without but life will present such situations.. Especially over Bank Holidays... Tis sods law or something.. I wanna claim overtime AND speak to the manager!!

Had a bite to eat then went kiting with bro, dad & nephew. Bro has picked up a Flexi Hotshot (which he has now left with me..) superb mad fun and I WANT ONE!
:) They don't half move fast but so easy to fly too..

Flew the butterfly (bit Windy for that) the Rokkaku went OK after a little extra tension on the bows.

Flew the Flexi Xtro that I've had knocking around. First time its flown that well but the wind is decent on P Hill. I will be trying to run through the training at Prism Kites

Came home, showered, changed.. We then went out for Pizza at La Porchetta.
Domino's eat your heart out but it was worth the 20 min wait to sit down. I had Pizza tutto, a new one on me, that basically has 'everything' on. As far as I can make tutto means 'all' or 'total' so Its "Total Pizza, Dude! "
Pretty tired from that and got MAD BAD hand and wrist cramp from flying the Xtro in the evening. I am not at all used to the wrist work involved in stunt flying.
Haven't had such unpleasantness for a LONG while.

I think I can see why a lot of the pro guys have found the powerball such fun & use.. May get one.
Also just seen a load of bits I may get from 7 day shop.. Shopping online next week methinks Aaah well people HAVE given me BD money to spend :)


One of those on/off days. Woke early by police chopper just before six. They eventually bogged off after flying round for 30 mins or so. Went back to sleep on & off till 10. My stomach seemed to be upset a little. Food from yesterday? Or just eating a little too much?

I think yesterday and the weekend is catching up with me. Went with bro & nephew to Mills to get among other things a BD Pressy for my other bro. Ended up buying a Billardiera. New one on me anyway but it was only a fiver...

& http://www.dtbrownseeds.co.uk/acatalog/0313billardiera.html

Oh well you learn something each day I guess..

Got badly stuck in traffic on the way there and came back round M25/A1. Quicker.. Was just NOT feeling hungry today.. So far I have eaten some honey loops, a small bowl of soup, and a few noodles, peas & roast chicken.

I was sleeping from about 3 - 5 this afternoon as I just crashed really, but got woken by various things I had to attend to.

May have some toast before I sleep. Got 1 call to make in about 10 then I will be off to bed. Tomorrow is Bank Holiday Mon, for most. My EPO prescription hasn't turned up and this means there is unlikely to be anyone to contact in clinic so I will have a delayed dose of EPO this week. Bummer! I may try paging one of the EPO sisters tomoz I think.