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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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But I must BLOG!
Lateish morning..

Listening to some opera on Fine Classics.

Dealt with something that needed doing. Life throws these little things our way.
However to look at it in context:

The laws of thermodynamics state that the universe is slowing down and will eventually contract thus rendering all human endeavor pointless..

Just to put things in context !

Ordered a new duvet from greenfibres. Those bstds aren't cheap but tis good stuff.

Also threw in an order with 7day shop.. This is really my BD pressy, and fast diminishing.. Still at least this way I've only got ME responsible if I don't like it.

Not really hungry at lunch..

Left a message for EPO co-ordinators this morning. I doubt it will get answered till tomoz which means a Rx by Wed if I'm lucky... EPO by thurs possibly..

I usually take EPO Mon & thursday.. You work it out.. Yep.. I missed a dose today!

Not much else going on just sorting the backlog of odds & sods.. I really need to get out and walk about a bit but I think its gonna be a day of insideness.. Looks like rain again anyway..