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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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fayet16 blogged about weddings (working in the hospitality industry as she does).

I have to say its not something I've thought about (tho had a nightmare about once! ). I've thought more of funerals than weddings.

However I quite, as a more regular option, favour her preference for a 'civil' wedding. Not being a church goer myself (more philosophical and spiritual than 'religious per se')
I CAN still understand why people go for church weddings but feel it probably isn't for me.

As far as churches go as a horticulturalist the closest I've been to 'nature's church' is mature beech woodland.. Those places are like natural cathedrals and equally magnificent. Why not get married there?

I've experienced a couple of weddings and funerals in my time, and I can say both are more emotional if you are close to those involved, obvious though it may seem.

The other option I've kind of looked at is some kind of alternative yet legal wedding.

Ditto for funerals but I do know I don't want a traditional all in black funeral, bright colours please. No flowers, but I've always wanted trees or plants (something with longevity) planted in my memory.

Just some of my thoughts

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Apparently some woodlands are ok for weddings .. one of my mates was gonna get married in one over in the states (but am pretty sure it's legal in some places here too) :p

Only if you don't get caught :p

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