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Quick definitions (snuggle)

# noun: a close and affectionate (and often prolonged) embrace
# verb: move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position (Example: "The children snuggled into their sleeping bags")
# verb: position comfortably

snuggle Look up snuggle at Dictionary.com
1687, frequentative form of snug.

snug Look up snug at Dictionary.com
c.1595, "compact, trim" (of a ship), perhaps from a Scand. source, cf. O.N. snoggr "short-haired," Swed. snygg, Dan. snøg "neat, tidy." Sense of "in a state of ease or comfort" first recorded 1630. Meaning "fit closely" is first found 1838.

snuggle [Show phonetics]
verb [I usually + adverb or preposition]
to move yourself into a warm and comfortable position, especially one in which your body is against another person or covered by something


• verb settle into a warm, comfortable position.

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• adjective (snugger, snuggest) 1 warm and cosy. 2 close-fitting.

• noun Brit. a small, cosy public room in a pub or small hotel.

— DERIVATIVES snugly adverb snugness noun.

— ORIGIN originally in nautical use in the sense shipshape, compact, prepared for bad weather: probably from Low German or Dutch.


snuggle up

to move into a warm and comfortable position
She snuggled up on the sofa with a magazine and a cup of tea. [usually + adv/prep]
He snuggled up to her during the film and put his arm round her. [often + to]

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Some of these from UrbanDictionary.com just made me laff!

1. snuggle
To make oneself comfortable, usually by moving closer to another person or thing. To embrace closely, as to show affection or offer warmth.
Snuggling always helps me calm down and feel secure.
Source: Ingeborg S. Nordén, Aug 25, 2004

2. Snuggle
To take your girlfriend, hold her, squeeze her and occassionally rub her cheeks. IF she says Ah, then she is like wow, that is a great snuggle. My girlfriend Robyn is the snuggliest person ever. She is five feet tall and she is realy snuggly. You can hold her and say wow you are snuggly.
See Robyn Bari K. She is real soft
Source: Brian Kowal, Jan 26, 2004
3. snuggle
To engage in close embrace with another person. Usually in place of sex, especially if you think Bob Dole and those "E.D." commercials might be on to something.
"Let's snuggle, honey."
"I thought you went to the doctor, already."
Source: dude, Feb 18, 2003
4. Snuggle
When two people, usually opposite sex, get close to eachother and giggle and laugh... ect.
those people on the bus snuggled right in front of us!
Source: me, Mar 31, 2003
5. snuggle
1)to play, lick, or suck a person's testicles
2)the be next to a person while hugging or spooning
"snuggle deeeez nutz biatch"
"come over her and lets snuggle!"
Source: chOad, Mar 16, 2005