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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Not a lot - Hot Tart for lunch!
Haven't done a lot today..

I've missed a dose of EPO because the faxed request sent last week hadn't been dealt with for some reason.

The EPO sister returned the message I left on their answering machine this morning.

Seemed a bit stroppy and said could I ring instead. I said no cos I'm not gonna spend 20 - 30 or 40 mins trying to get through... Don't think she liked that and suggested I page them instead which is OK..

They keep asking me if I'm doing the dose right each time I speak to them.. I dunno if they think I'm being non compliant or something dumb like that!! Either way it pissed me off a bit.

Did food shopping with dad this morning & had sausage roll & a hot roasted vegetable tart. I think it was supposed to be served cold (no heating instructions) but we heated it anyway.. It was OK.

Not a lot in the afternoon cos I fell asleep at 2pm and didn't wake till 5. I changed my 'Snuggle' entry to public cos *someone* wanted to link to it from their blog. Apparently Snuggle (made by UniLever (we spit on them!) is the US equivalent of either Comfort or Daz!! LOL

As a result of snoozing and dad snoozing also we have no real supper as such as mum has spent almost all day on the computer doing some 'vital' email. No fresh bread in the house (we get our bread from the bakery usually and didn't pick up a 'contingency' loaf at the supermarket) and not a lot for cooking. Oh well open a packet of soup & reach for the freezer I guess! For some reason mum has just shot out to the shops (at 8:03 pm ) Oh the organisation of a well run family home eh!! ??

Oh I ordered myself a PowerBall by way of another BD gift.. Gotta strengthen these wrists and arms if I'm gonna take up sports kiting properly.

I'm also wondering where my package from the US is.. I THINK Cheryl said she'd post it in the next few weeks.. Of course if its regular mail it will take a while.. But anticipating it all the same..

Right.. some sorta food is there so better go and check it out