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Flowers & Shopping
Off to bed soon but some stuff I wanted to blog up first...

Intended to do some gardening today.. The closest I've got is getting a packet of weedkiller in Tesco this morning. Now normally I abhor the stuff but we need to remove the Trumpet Vine which is invading the front garden. This is a cultivar plant (not bindweed) but its WAY too deep to dig out and its shoots are coming up everywhere. So the idea is to 'contain' is by locally treating those with weedkiller. If it kills the main plant its no HUGE loss as its not rare (a few quid from woolies) OR a particularly spectacular cultivar.

There is so much I intended to do both back & front.. Huge amounts of weeding, repotting & planting to do. Not so much the front garden (which needs a morning or so of attention this week (as its half term, more peaceful to work there)) but the back and particularly the North side and back of the back garden needs work.

I digress

Other than that the front garden looks good. This year we have no less than 7 types of Buddlia in the front and back garden & 5 of those in the front.

Why the sudden emphasis on Buddlia. Well 1 is a special 'Yellow Ball' cutting that I took from my friend Sara's garden before she passed away. She loved butterflies and so these will remind me of her. Esp the 'Yellow Ball' which incidentally is going to flower soon, tho small (I had 3 plants & the other 2 went to other close friends).
Pictures will be posted in due time.

On that topic I have 5 more White Flowered buddlia.. Rooting well.. Part luck but we also use (to some degree) dates & days based around the original (don't be put off with modern copies... :
The Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar 2005, by Maria & Mathias Thun

If you want a copy you can click to order it or Why not place an order for next years 2006 copy for someone who is interested in that sort of thing. We've found it surprisingly accurate and it now culminates over 40 years of research.

Hopefully there will be butterflies filling the garden during the summer.

Why the sudden mention of this. Well apart from the fact that the garden is looking good, my brother attending a funeral at the weekend reminded me of attending Sara's service and although its not something I spend a huge amount of time consciously thinking about it DOES still affect me deeply, being a mere 6 months ago now.
Just hearing my family chat about the service they attended (Polish Catholic so in Polish/Latin) and the wake (true polish style) and of course seeing the order of service they brought back DID take me down a bit and I had to go and spend some time alone..

The other thing tonight is someone close to me has had a bit of an up & down day, and being so far away there is little I can do. That is the problem with the web. And yup its the stark truth but there you go.

Finally I shopped.. I do this when a bit down... my sad excuse at 'self giving' probably. However some of it I can just about classify as BD pressys.. I will be off round the charity shops tomorrow I think for CD's as well and mebbe to the library for some more reading stuff

I seem to keep busy don't I!


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