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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Good Stuff/Bad Stuff - this morning
Good stuff:

My PowerBall arrived this morning! Whoohooo new toy! Quite fun once you get used to it just gonna have to not over do it! 'Wrist movement' jokes aside it should be quite good for strengthening up my wrists for kiting & suchlike.

Went to the library (90p renewal fee but the lady let me off (I'm sure I paid it) :D )
Got more stuff to read and some information on local issues.

Did all but one of the charity shops on the return trip and bought 3 CD's (8 quids worth)

Also had a very nice txt waiting for me when I came out of the shower!

Bad stuff:
I feel a bit rough.. I might have to drop a urine sample down at the hospital tomorrow.. See how I feel. I've no obvious fever tho.
I didn't sleep well.
I need to be more careful what I eat. That salty sausage roll yesterday wasn't wise.
My EPO Rx has NOT arrived so its either gonna be another missed dose or at the very least a late one.

Oh and yes.. That fraud the 'crazy frog' is at number 1 as a Remix 'tune' with an Axel Foley section. Its was never even a crazy frog to start with.. As we all know it was the 'Race Car INSANITY TEST'

Right... Lunchtime 12:28 pm