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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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There & back again....
Things kinda went downhill a bit yesterday afternoon..

I had a bad stomach upset for one. I won't go into detail but I was getting stomach ache & back pain with it.

Ended up taking Lemsip & going to bed aching all over & feeling rough as hell.. Ended up taking more Panadol at about 6 am.

Sort struggled through the morning after getting up, mostly lieing on bed apart from going with dad to Tesco to drop off EPO rx which finally arrived in post. That will hopefully arrive tomoz but if not next day or so. My hb today is 7.9 so I NEED that stuff. See the kidneys community for a general health update type thing for today.

Couldn't really eat anything and ended up sat there feeling shit and miserable early afternoon. I figured better get checked out than leave it and find out later I'm REALLY ill.. I know someone who wouldn't thank me for doing that!

So called hospital told em what was happening how I felt etc and they called back & said come up for bloods & urine samples. Dad took me down there. VERY warm and we took the hood off the car eventually it was that hot.
Traffic appalling on the way down.

Saw nurse, got bloods drawn & did sample. Came away.. Not so long to get home but nearly got written off by a nutcase in a white van at Manor House! I haven't been so petrified for a LONG time! He jumped the lights on the junction!

Whew! Tooo close...

Now eaten a packet of crisps & had a brew.. first food since toast at breakfast but I think I needed the salt & K from the crisps.. I actually feel a tiny bit better.. Just very woozy & lethargic still.

May go and lie down for a while & watch Simpsons.