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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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CD's arrived in post.. BUT... they got put on the stairs for some reason and no one told me so they were there for an hour or so before I spotted them ... DOh!

Now got an offical copy of the wonderful AIR - Moon Safari and a rather nice Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - B Sides & Rarities. 4 CD's in all for 16 quid. Not bad really.. I am really enjoying this Nick Cave set. Swing Low is rather good and so is his version of Wonderful World.. Lovin' It :) Also got my Black Books DVD's.. Will enjoy them later ..

As I expected it was a slowish morning.. Closer to noon Tesco rang to say my EPO was ready for collection..

Drove up there with mum.. bit of an adventure (she wanted some driving practice) as she hasn't driven for a while!

Pretty hot out there.. Anyway I now have 12 individual cartons of EPO (probably about 2 grands worth) sat in the fridge taking up space. Quite why they didn't send 3 packs I dunno! Oh well

Better go and have that and shove a few plants in before the rain that's due later..