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Strange 'Non' day... At least so far..
Had an odd day so far.. Woke up feeling stiff/ rough. OK I KNOW its the kiting but its cos I don't do enough regularly.. I need to be out at least twice a week minimum..

Managed to catch mum in a mood that she wasn't so 'busy' as to ignore me for a neck/back massage. Felt a lot better after one.. But pretty spaced/ chilled out.. I seem to be feeling a bit dizzy on and off.. Anemia most probably...

Had a bit of curry for lunch with Naan bread and it STILL tastes good.. Then went for a nice kip.. Is it good to sleep after eating curry.. Who knows but when I woke after sleeping till a bit after 2 I felt better :)

Noodled online...

I am in a weird mood for spending cash.. I think this is 'displacement' or distraction for the things I can't have and want right now.
OK its not so bad I am running up debt. I have the money, but do I really NEED this stuff.. Probably not.. Still what else is dosh for???

I was disappointed by a seemingly impossible situation yesterday and I think thats whats caused the mood today.. More on that in a friends only entry..

I've spent 50 quid on a rareish kite this morning.. 12 pound a foot virtually! Still I DO know it would sell for more on eBay and some of the cash is going to a Cancer Illness related cause so I feel little guilt or remorse.. AND kite flying is GOOD for me ( Enough self justification do you think????!!! )

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As someone asked, the "seemingly impossible situation" is personal NOT work related as this person may have thought, so no need to fret on that front... :-D

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