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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Bad, chilled, better :-D
Ended up having a VERY good chat with Faye this evening... 'nuff said.

Supper was falafel, spuds and brocolli.. More tasty than it sounds & I enjoyed it then ate an apple while watching episode 2 of series 1 of Black Books... Cracks me up completely and it is so good to laugh :D

Just noodling online.. think I will take a shower & get some rest tho I don't actually feel very tired right now..

Looking at an aromatherapy burner on eBay as its one thing I don't have, can't decide whether to go for a gothic style one (dark, a bit creepy, but cheap & fun :) ) or a Crystal one.. Nice chunky but more pricy.. Hmmmmm will sleep on it I think.