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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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Very odd day
OK this, Ciprofloxacin I am on does NOT make me a happy bunny at the moment, either that or the metaclopramide I am on to stop me feeling sick from the Cipro. One or the other makes me a miserable, irritable sod..

Either way I am changing the times I take the tabs for the next 3 days.. Lunchtime & evening instead of Morning and teatime from now & see if that makes any difference.


Got up... grumpy as a bear.. Eventually went food shopping with Dad. Got back... trashed... Crashed out on my bed before lunch for a few hours... I have looked up the side effects of both Cipro & Meta and its quite possible they are contributing to how CRUD I FEEL! So hopefully by Sunday (giving 24 hours at least to flush out) I should be feeling a little more human & less like a zombie.

Had lunch... 'Pizza Bagels' from Sable D'Or. A new one on me but very tasty & just what i needed to tempt my fecked up tastebuds!!!

Snoozed and chatted my way through the afternoon.

Had a very good long chat with Faye. Have to say I did feel better for it.. And we have reaffirmed where we stand, just taking things as they come. And both feel good about it. More detail then that... You'll have to ask ;)

The stuff I ordered from 7 Day Shop arrived today. No cock-ups as with a camera I once ordered from them.
Not sure if the small photographic clamp is strong enough (be fine for mums compact) & I may have to order the larger one for my camera.. The other stuff (reflector & 'bean pod') are fine and should be good for macro & small studio work.

I hope my Hotshot 4 kite & Aromatherapy thing arrive soon too.. Proper wally I will be if they do not (and pissed off as well)!

Supper.. Well I got hungry around 7ish.. Mum & Dad were out to witness an old friends will. So I fixed myself some toast with cheese.

'Actual' supper (closer to 8:30) was supposed to be beef stir fry. But with mums interminable cooking turned into fried beef with boiled beans & spuds.. As it was I made myself a steak sandwich from the beef, and ate some of the beans..

As I've changed my tablet times I now need to have a small snack (will probably have a biscuit & some fruit) with these tabs before I sleep.

Seemed a lot of peeps wanted a piece of me on MSN tonight.. Didn't chat much with F online but we spoke earlier anyway and I know that after blogging as she has space is needed.

Work.. could be better.. Time passes.. Shit happens.. Shit rots & the roses come up lovely in the end (or at least thats how the garden's SUPPOSED to grow..)

Night all