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I'm on the road to nowhere!

"Fools may become wise"

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(no subject)
Txt ended up being from an Actor friend of mine.. He may pop in next week when he's in London & also wanted advice on a new mac.. Currently for him I reckon either a eMac (good value) or an iBook or PowerBook (he travels a lot)

Supper was stir fry ala mum.. Always weird. IMO not enough seasoning or vegetables and since when does chicken stir fry have tomato in???

Ce la vie.. Tis food and hot cooked at that :D

Realised I did a daft thing and posted those 2 ebay plants without stamps earlier..! DOH!

They will either deliver (value of postage less than 21 p each) or return to sender as both have return addresses on! Grrrr.. I'm blaming it part on the anemia and part on the Metaclopramide!

Feeling tired tonight so not sure I'll be online that much..